Two-Booted Tales!

A series of Noir fairy-tale retellings

by Jean Cabot and Mae Treesbane.

(Also guest-starring other fairy-tale works)


The Series:

  1. The Cat’s Sleuth (Puss’s owner dies and leaves him with the youngest son, who’s gone and fallen for a dame well above his station. It’s up to Puss to unite the two loves and solve the case of a stolen jewel in the process. And maybe, just maybe, get himself a sweet life on easy street.)
  2. The Drowsing Dame (Puss has had it good, but unfortunately he’s gotten his owner a reputation as a problem solver. When the little lady finds out that a local castle has a girl cursed to sleep forever on the grounds, she demands her husband to save the girl. Which means Puss has to do it.)
  3. The 12 Dancing Debutantes (It’s the biggest event of the year, a debutante ball with twelve sisters at once. But when they don’t come down to the ball, all signs point to something terrible happening. Puss finds himself once again saving the day, with a little more help than usual from his owner.)
  4. Puss and the Little Lady (With his homelife in sudden slobbery upheaval, Puss takes on a new case: A little lady who puts a new spin on ‘little’ that’s gone missing.
    Warning: The story of Thumbelina involves a lot of rude, and edible, small animals. Puss is tragically a slave to his nature, but that won’t stop him from solving the case.)

Standalone Stories:



  • Ashes and Cinders by Jean Cabot (Once upon a time there was a beautiful young girl. Her lips were full, her skin was soft and dark, and her hair floated around her head. People knew she was beautiful, but they did not realize she was a she. An alternative take on Cinderella.)
  • By Design by Mae TreesbaneĀ  (Wherein a Miller’s youngest son finds a purpose, a King’s daughter finds a friend, and a clockwork Cat finds a lot of tiny gears. Or, Puss in Boots: The Steampunk Reboot.)


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